Hello folks, I need help with the following. I'm recording machine 
production and 'health' status information into a Oracle 9.2 DB. That's 
working great, rock solid, great admin tools, etc.

I've been trying to use the Rockwell Software tools to get the data out onto 
the web in a pretty format, but Rockwell's tools are brittle, buggy, and 
overpriced. Also, ASP + VBScript for my hacks is turning out to be crufty 
and slow.

I have Oracle 9.2 sitting on a Win2k server that is the primary domain 
controller. I've set up IIS with PHP, and everything is working great... It 
can see all the extensions, and with a change to the permissions of the 
oci.dll, PHP can see that too.

I'm wanting to use ADODB 3.1 as a cleaner interface to the Oracle database 
via oci8. But no matter what I try, I get errors. These errors are not the 
"access is denied" error I saw when oci.dll had the wrong perms. It seems I 
get a warning in the ado...

Here is the code snippet from the testpage, tnsname has been changed to 
protect the guilty... ;)

This is the dbtest.php file, based on samples given on the adodb page

include('.\adodb\adodb.inc.php');          # load code common to ADOdb
$conn = &ADONewConnection('oci8');      # create a connection
        # connect to Oracle OCI8 DB...
$conn->NConnect('', 'usr', 'usr_pwd', 'TNSName');
        # select machines from machinetable
$recordSet = $conn->Execute("select * from machinetable");

if (!$recordSet)
        print $conn->ErrorMsg();
while (!$recordSet->EOF) {
        print $recordSet->fields[0].' '.$recordSet->fields[1].'<BR>';

#$recordSet->Close(); # optional
#$conn->Close(); # optional


This is the error I get in my HTML page, when I browse to dbtest.php

Warning: _oci_open_server: in 
D:\PHP\includes\adodb\drivers\adodb-oci8.inc.php on line 132

(oci8): select * from machinetable   


adodb-oci8.inc.php is part of the adodb package, and I am getting a warning
at that line in the ADODB code.

Is this a bug? Should I try ADODB 2.5 instead since it's listed as being 
more stable on the site?

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to get a demo app 
up and running in a few days so they don't think I'm nuts for trying 
this... <:)

-Daniel Joyce


The Meek shall inherit the Earth...
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