Hi Frank,

--- "Frank M. Kromann" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Did you configure FreeTDS with the right tdsver ?

I configured it with '--tdsver=4.2', which is what the
other one was compiled with.  However, in my
'freetds.conf' file, I tried both '7.0' and '8.0' as
the 'tds version', but still get kicked back to the
login screen.

> From PHP 4.3.0 you can compile php using
> --with-mssql=/path/to/freetds.

Can I have both '--with-mssql=' and '--with-sybase='?
(prolly a tupid question, as I am almost ure the
answer is "yes", but just want to make sure).

> FreeTDS needs to be compiled with --enable-msdblib,

Are there any external libs I need to install for
FreeTDS to enable this?  For example, for
'--with-iodbc' or '--with-unixodbc', I need to install
'libiodbc' or 'unixodbc', respectively.

> and you need to change your code (sybase_* should
> be mssql_*). The upside is access to all the
> mssql_* functions.

Shouldn't be that much os a problem, since I think
only two or three files will need to be changed.

The thing is, there doesn't *seem* to be a
connectivity problem with the database, at least
initially for authentication, as the $TDSDUMP log
supports this, but there is *something* not occurring.
 I am just not sure what :-(



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