Hi Alan,

I'm not sure what 'Control Panel PHP script' means ?

What version of FreeTDS are you using ?
Do you use the sybase or the mssql extension in PHP ?

- Frank

> Hello,
> Because I am not sure if this is just a PHP issue or a
> PHP+DB issue, I will be posting this message
> (seperately) to bith the "General" and "PHP-DB" lists.
> First, a brief rundown of my setup:
> Mandrake Linux 9.0
> Apache 1.3.27
> PHP 4.3.0
> We are in the process of rebuilding our outdated
> servers, and all sites have been moved over
> successfully, except our own, which has a Control
> Panel login.  The login authentication is done using
> FreeTDS to an MSSQL 2000 database.
> This setup works fine on the current server, but when
> I test it on the new server, the authentication seems
> to work fine, but instead of the screen I normally see
> when logging in, I just get kicked back to the Control
> Panel login screen.
> At first, I suspected FreeTDS, but I have confirmed
> that a connection is definately being made by enabling
> and examining the "dump" file.  The FreeTDS mailing
> list has confirmed that this is also the case.
> The current (working) server is running Apache 1.3.27
> + PHP v4.1.2 .  I had a similar problem on the current
> working server when I tried upgrading the PHP to
> v4.2.3 just before Xmas.
> I have not yet tried "downgrading" to v4.1.2 on the
> new server, and would rather not. :-)
> I am not really sure where to proceed from here.  I
> can provide any further information you need, or can
> possibly provide a "Test" account if you wish to see
> for yourself what it is doing, which may give some
> ideas as to what is happening.
> Is there perhaps some logging variables I can enable
> in the Control Panel PHP script to see what is going
> on?
> Thank you, in advance, for your help and advice in
> this matter.
> Sincerely,
> Alan Murrell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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