Ok, this is what I did...

Keep in mind I have Xp so I don't know how this all pans out.

1. I opened the ODBC Data Source Administrator
2. My default view was User DSN
3. I clicked on System DSN
4. Clicked on Add
5. Choose Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)
6. Gave it a name of Killerspin_com2
7. Clicked on Create 
8. Saved it the directory which my source code will reside in.
9. Set up username/password
10. created test_connect.php page.
11. Inserted the following code:

if (odbc_connect("killerspin_com","username","password") == 0)

12. Received this error.

Warning: SQL error: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name
not found and no default driver specified, SQL state IM002 in SQLConnect
in D:\is\clients\eki\killer_spin\new_web\test_connect.php on line 3

I'm not to sure how to set this up to work with PHP
---> Jonathan

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to set up a DSN go to control panel and then Administrative Tools then
into Data Sources and then add a new system DSN.
you can probably work the rest out as its fairly straight forward.

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From: Jonathan Villa [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
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Subject: [PHP-DB] How to access a MS Access DB 

I need to know exactly how to hook up to an Access database under Office
Xp.  I normally use MySQL, but the current site sits on Windows servers.

I am using php 4.3.0
Office Xp Pro w/ Access
I'm running Apache 2.0.43

I need to know how to check if ODBC is set up on my machine (I hear that
by default it is) and what's this about a driver?

All I know at this point is 


Where XX is the DSN name I will be using, (how do this, i.e. set up a
DSN name)

Thanks much and in advance.

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