I'm new to this list and saw a past discussion in mid-Feb. about how to
access an MS Access DB.  I have Apache and PHP installed on my PC running XP

I created a system DSN and got past the odbc_connect but it died in the
odbc_prepare statement.  Error message: Warning: odbc_prepare(): supplied
argument is not a valid ODBC-Link resource in c:\perl\htdocs\test2.php on
line 20
cannot prepare result

Here's my code (w/username and password changed):

$connection = odbc_connect("mctadb", "username", "password") || die("cannot
open database");

$sql = "SELECT MeeetingTitle, MeetingDate FROM meeting;";

$sql_result = odbc_prepare($connection, $sql) || die("cannot prepare

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Beverly Steiner

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