The OS 10.2.4 upgrade merely adds a new httpd.conf file at /etc/httpd/httpd.conf, while archiving your old conf file in the same location. All you need to do is merge the 2 conf files, as there are additions in the new one installed. Once you do that and restart apache, you'll be fine.


On Monday, February 17, 2003, at 03:36 PM, Allens wrote:

Quick alert to all, upgraded to OS X.2.4 last Thursday evening. PHP no longer works when testing locally. Here is what is happening:
1. Installed the upgrade. Am using my Mac as a test server.
2. Before upgrade, was runnning Mac OS X.2.3, MySQL 3.23.47, PHP 4.3
3. Used http://localhost/... to test my db's. Web sharing itself via localhost worked fine... http://localhost would show the Apache default page... version 1.3.27. Tried http://localhost/test.php, only showed the text in the browser, <?php phpinfo() ?>.
4. Worked until upgrading to Mac OS X.2.4. Once I did this, the php pages loaded as text files (could see the code, but no php interaction to activate the page) in the browser (OmniWeb, IE 5.2.2, Safari 1.0beta v60). Basic web sharing worked fine though from #3 above.
5. Tried to reinstall php 4.3, then all the browsers listed started to just download each php page to the desktop. Came up with a prompt of what to do in IE 5.2.2... MIME = application/x-httpd/php. Again, http://localhost/test.php downloaded the file to the desktop for all browsers.

6. Called Apple Support Pro and let them know. Was asked to perform and Archive Install of Mac OS X.2. Did this. Reinstalled PHP 4.3. Worked fine. Was able to see my test site via http://localhost/.... PHP activity was back to normal on testing my local db's. http://localhost/test.php worked, showing the information you would expect from this page.
7. Reinstalled the Mac OS X.2.4 upgrade via Software Update.
8. Upon restart, PHP functionality again failed on http://localhost/test.php. Showed the text in the browser, <?php phpinfo() ?>. No PHP functionality, but MySQL works from the Terminal.
9. I do have some remote sites that use MySQL/PHP and was able to connect to those sites just fine.

Seems that Mac OS X.2.4 has broke PHP from working locally as a test server somehow? Called Apple back and they are sending this up to the Engineering Group. I use my laptop as a test server as well, and the same is true for it as well, PHP is broke for local use.

Please don't upgrade to Mac OS X.2.4 if you use your workstation as a test server using PHP! Hope this gets out before many upgrade and enjoy reinstalling from scratch as I must to get back to Mac OS X.2.3. Must use my Mac and laptop as a test server for Mysql/PHP site. :(

Gale L. Allen Jr
Macintosh Support Specialist

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