> The only disadvantage i've had of storing images in DB instead of
> Filesystem, is that when you use a PHP script to output the image to a
> client browser, MSIE doesn't always accept a suggested filename so it
> might try and save it as "your-script.php?img=2".
> Other then that, keeping images in DB is a lot easier since you don't
> have to keep your DB in sync with Filesystems ie. Deleted records in DB,
> but images still exist.

A way I've gotten around this, is that when I dump images into a directory
for use by articles in my db, the filename is always name
$articleid.filename (since articles and pics are uploaded to the server
via php, this is easy to enforce).

Thus, when I do kill of articles and what not, I simply remove
$articleid.* from my images directory as well.

I would strongly argue against stuffing images into a database tho.
That's what filesystems are for, and they are way better at it.  The
overhead alone is reason enough to make you decide against it.

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