I have used NotesSQL succesfully to MS Access and MS SQL, but not with PHP.
The NotesSQL gives you a very basic SQL function set and to my opinion its
not even worth trying it.  This was with Notes 4.5.2.  It could be better in
later versions, I don't know.

ODBC works fine, I have connect PHP to MS Access, MS SQL and and even XLS


"Stefan Haas" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Has anybody tried to read/write a Lotus Notes Database via ODBC
> (NotesSQL)? I don't even get a valid connection with odbc_connect. With
> other tools (QTODBC) NotesSQL/ODBC is no problem at all. Anything wrong
> with the php ODBC driver in php 4.2.3 under Win2k? Are ther more
> reliable ODBC drivers?
> Thanks
> Steve

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