Oops. Sorry about that. 
But I'm afraid that I don't really understand. Wouldn't I need a webserver on my local 
computer to view serverside-code? That I don't have. But that shouldn't be the problem 
since I have the same code on another page on the same ISP (as I mentioned). I'm 
confused ...


>> Well, the things is that I have almost the exact similar code on
>> another page and that works great on that server. I also don not
>> have the "power" to get rid of the extra script-code put there by
>> the ISP. Any other suggestions? :)
>I understood as much. What I meant was that you could try to strip it
>and see for yourself, on your local computer, whether that works. Then
>you'll know if that's the problem or not, and you can go on either
>looking for another problem, or try to fix it.
>Another thing is that if you post the replies to the newsgroup instead
>of sending e-mails, you're likely to get more response ;-)
>... and furthermore ... I don't like your trousers.

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