[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Anders mellström) writes:
> But I'm afraid that I don't really understand. Wouldn't I need a
> webserver on my local computer to view serverside-code? That I don't
> have. But that shouldn't be the problem since I have the same code
> on another page on the same ISP (as I mentioned). I'm confused ...

Not the php code, the html code. This doesn't rely on a server. You
just copy the source to a local file and edit it, then it's easier to
see html errors.

Your error, btw, is that you put in <br> tags outside <td></td> tags
(between </td> and </tr>). Then these go to the top of the page and
stay there. There is no need for <br> tags within a table cell unless
you have more text following it, and anything written between <table>
and </table> not within <td></td> goes to the top.

... and furthermore ... I don't like your trousers.

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