> We have constructed a reservation system for a chain of travel agents.
> former PHP'er wrote the booking section but it appears to be very
> as it breaks regularly. We are now rewriting this section.
> Our problem. page 1 is a form to fill in up to 4 names so as to search
> database (MySql client table) and if there shows the details on page
2. If
> names (some or all) are not there we need to be able to click modify
> either modify information or add new client.
> This we have now, our problem is getting the modified/new information
> move a long and redisplay page 2 with all the modified/new info. Can
> anyone
> suggest a method

Not sure if I follow everything completely, but I'd like to help. If you
have the data on page two and want to "resubmit" it, then you need to
add it to another form and submit and process it. 

---John W. Holmes...

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