simply requery the client data from the database and display it on the
next page... Or you could send it via <input type=hidden name=varname
value="somevalue"> to the called script. this is faster, as you don't need
to requery the database, but not that clean.


> Greetings All;
> We have constructed a reservation system for a chain of travel agents. Our
> former PHP'er wrote the booking section but it appears to be very fragile,
> as it breaks regularly. We are now rewriting this section.
> Our problem. page 1 is a form to fill in up to 4 names so as to search the
> database (MySql client table) and if there shows the details on page 2. If
> names (some or all) are not there we need to be able to click modify and
> either modify information or add new client.
> This we have now, our problem is getting the modified/new information to
> move a long and redisplay page 2 with all the modified/new info. Can
> anyone
> suggest a method
> Thanks
> Kevin,


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