>     I have a new project where i need show pages of report on demmand.
> reports are created in the batch process, and the whole file size is about
> Gb. (thats includes all the reports in a month, I need save about 12
>     I think in two alternatives :
>     1. I save the links in a mysql database, but the files are compressed
> (in zip format) in several directories, one directorie by day, so when the
> user request one report, I query the database, go to the path, decompress
> the file and return to the user.

Use this method.

>     2. I save the reports on the mysql database, so when the user request
> one report, I query the database and return the report. But if MySql don't
> compress the text field, that way is not practicable (HDD is limited).

You'd have to zip the files, then read the data to insert into the table.
Then, to retrieve, you'd have to select the data out, write it to a file and
unzip it before you sent it to the user. (According to your remarks) Sounds
like a lot of wasted time to me.

---John Holmes...

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