Do you have other ideas about how do it?

    I thinking do :

    1. Save the report in a
YYYYMMDD/<name-of-report>/<name-of-report.num-page> tree directory
    2. Save in the database the information about the report, and the path
to the page directory.
    3. When the user request a report I go to the path and open the
name-of-report.00000 (the first page).

    Other information :

    . There are 2.002 reports montly (so under YYYYMMDD directory I have
2002 entries).
    . There are 210.000 pages montly.
    . The bigest report have 45.217 pages (so under <name-of-report>
directory I have in the worse case 45.217 entries).
    . The smallest report have 16 pages (so under <name-of-report> directory
I have in the best case 16 entries).
    . The average pages report is 7213 by day.

     I have the next dudes (I hope you can help me, or tell me where I can
go) :

    . The Linux filesystem support that number of files without degrading
the performance?
    . Any knows if exist something similar, or how i can search this under
what concept.....
    . Any other ideas to implement this?
    . For the moment i forgot the idea about zip the files.... I talk with
my boss and get more disk... :-)

pd.: sorry about the size of the mail.... i try to be more cleary possible.


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> >     I have a new project where i need show pages of report on demmand.
> That
> > reports are created in the batch process, and the whole file size is
> 5
> > Gb. (thats includes all the reports in a month, I need save about 12
> month).
> >
> >     I think in two alternatives :
> >
> >     1. I save the links in a mysql database, but the files are
> > (in zip format) in several directories, one directorie by day, so when
> > user request one report, I query the database, go to the path,
> > the file and return to the user.
> Use this method.
> >     2. I save the reports on the mysql database, so when the user
> > one report, I query the database and return the report. But if MySql
> > compress the text field, that way is not practicable (HDD is limited).
> You'd have to zip the files, then read the data to insert into the table.
> Then, to retrieve, you'd have to select the data out, write it to a file
> unzip it before you sent it to the user. (According to your remarks)
> like a lot of wasted time to me.
> ---John Holmes...
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