Dear Andy,

Sorry if i cant answer for your question, I'm a Debian user and I don't know
the apache and php packages of Readhat and Mandrake. In Debian simply
you have to apt-get the php4-interbase module for php and you have to
restart apache.
You should check your system about:
 - is apache configured and compiled for modules?
 - is php compiled for modules?
 - if so, compile or download interbase module for you version of php and
restart apache.

This should work.


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Subject: [PHP-DB] PHP + Interbase / Firebird extensions

> This might sound like a daft question, so I apologise :)
> I have been asked to link to an existing Firebird / Interbase server and
> pull some records via PHP page on our intranet and internet servers.
> The problem is, correct me if I am wrong, that I need to recompile PHP to
> install the Interbase extesions  ---  this is not going to be fun, as both
> machines are under fairly constant load..
> Is it possible to simply load the Interbase extensions as a module? If so,
> where can I get the source / instructions for compiling / installing this
> module?
> Platforms: Mandrake Linux 9.0, Redhat Linux 7.2
> Many thanks!
> Andy Neillans
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