Thanks for your response!

I thought it would be fairly simple to find the RPM for Mandrake / Redhat
and install it, but I can't seem to find one anywhere for php4-interbase.

Apache and PHP are compiled for module support, as I have a couple of
modules already installed and running.

Any idea where I can download the interbase module??


> Dear Andy,
> Sorry if i cant answer for your question, I'm a Debian user and I don't
> know
> the apache and php packages of Readhat and Mandrake. In Debian simply
> you have to apt-get the php4-interbase module for php and you have to
> restart apache.
> You should check your system about:
>  - is apache configured and compiled for modules?
>  - is php compiled for modules?
>  - if so, compile or download interbase module for you version of php and
> restart apache.
> This should work.
> Tibor

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