[EMAIL PROTECTED] (David Rice) writes:
> Okay, i have two arrays, $tips and $staff
> $tips has a key "date" (which is the date of the first day of the
> week, the second result in the array has the key of the second day of
> the week etc... ) and the value is a floating point decimal.
> $staff also has a key "date" and the value is an integer, the number
> of staff working in one day.
> To find out the ammount of tips every staff member is to get we have
> to divide the value of $tips by the value of $staff (when the dates
> are the same)

I guess

while(list($d, $t) = each($tips)){
  $res = $t / $staff[$d];
  // Do what you need with $res ...

would do the trick.

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