On Monday 10 March 2003 08:10, David Rice wrote:
> Hey thank's for the ideas but  neither of them work, doh...
> Okay fredrik I know your idea won't work cos list only works with
> numericaly indexed arrays, both the arrays that i am using are indexed by
> date. (it produces a parse error when run)

Parse error simply means the code has a syntax error. Not necessarily that the 
idea doesn't work.

> Janet your idea i would have thought would work.... but i can't get it to,
> for some reason
> whenever I run the script it just gives me...
> "Warning:  Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in
> /home/filterseveuk/public_html/project/tips.php on line 56"
> Not sure as to what it is talking abotu here as far as I know, this should
> work.
> =====================
> foreach($tips as $key => $value){
>         $pointvalue[$key] = $value / $staff[$key] ;
>      }

What does print_r($tips) give you? While you're at it do a var_dump($tips) as 

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