I'm having trouble getting the results I want. The database deals with
libraries and reports they've submitted. Here are the relevant tables with
the primary keys marked with a star (*):

| libinfo      |
| lib_id*      |
| lib_name     |
| city         |

| reportinfo    |
| report_id*    |
| lib_id        |
| exclude       |
| quarter       |

In reportinfo.quarter there are currently two possible values, 0 and 2. I
want libinfo.lib_name and libinfo.city for all entries in libinfo, where
libinfo.lib_id = reportinfo.lib_id, that do not have an entry in reportinfo
where reportinfo.quarter = 0. I don't care if there is an entry in
reportinfo where quarter = 2. Can someone please help me construct this
query? Thanks.

P.S. I realize that this question has nothing to do with PHP. But be assured
that this is one small part of a PHP/MySQL web application. Thank you for
your indulgence.

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