The charset used on my sql server is :

Character Set = 1, iso_1
    ISO 8859-1 (Latin-1) - Western European 8-bit character set.

Where can I change these settings ?


[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Edwin Boersma) wrote in

> Your code page setting might be wrong.
> Edwin
> Benjamin Masdoua wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm developping an application using php and mssql.
>> I have problems with french accents,
>> when I insert something from php, and i consult it by enterprise
>> manager (sql server) the accents are replaced, example "paté" becomes
>> "patÚ" and if I insert something from enterprise manager and get teh
>> value by php, the accents are also replaced and not by the same as
>> the first situation example : "paté" becomes "pat,"
>> any idea ?
>> Benjamin Masdoua
>> ABS-Integration
>> Toulouse.

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