What does the code look like for the page you are trying to load? There is
an error in the code that is causing the problem, or the page does not
return anything viewable. If you call a PHP page that returns nothing
because of problems with your code, this is the error you will get. Start by
adding a simple echo command at the top of the page so that your page does
return something, then you should get a better error that reports the actual
problem or you might just get the echo statement which tells you that your
PHP code does not actually generate anything viewable.


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-------Original Message-------
From: Alex Francis
Date: Wednesday, March 12, 2003 12:17:09 PM
Subject: [PHP-DB] Apache Problem
Please bear with me, I am a complete newbie.

I am trying to use an in house server for test purposes and am having some
problems. I get an Internal Server error and when I look at the error log
the error is as follows:
"Premature end of script headers: /apache/php/php.exe."

I have tried the Apache site, but can't find anything about it. Can someone
point me to where I may get help or information.

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