> Hello,
> I have a display problem with one of my sites.
> Because there is an big amount of information in the pages, which is
> extracted from database, using IE browser I see only the background of
> the site, and then, after a time, the whole page. 
> My client has recently requested to make something to improve the site
> speed and display time. 
> So because all the site is done using the classes, and the information
> is extracted through them, I reduced the instruction numbers, and I
> compacted as much as I could the classes. But I still have the display
> problem using IE browser : I see the background, and just after that I
> see the whole site.
> I mention that the classes are included, and the class function is
> called through $this_class->function($parameters); Not all the classes
> used in the page are called In the beginning; and another mention is
> that the site pages contains 4 sections. Top, left, middle, & right.
> My question is:
> Is there a way to display sequentially the site. After the background,
> to display the first section (top), then left part, middle part and
> right part after that ?
> Again, the site loads like this : the background, then the whole page.
> This doesn't matter if I use dial-up or T1. 
> My client saw, for example, that cnn or yahoo site loads sequentially.
> Knowing that yahoo is done in php, I'm wondering how they did it.
> Thanks
> Petre Nicoara

Try flush() http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.flush.php

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