> Is there a way to display sequentially the site. After the background,
> to display the first section (top), then left part, middle part and
> right part after that ?
> Again, the site loads like this : the background, then the whole page.
> This doesn't matter if I use dial-up or T1.
> My client saw, for example, that cnn or yahoo site loads sequentially.
> Knowing that yahoo is done in php, I'm wondering how they did it.

Don't put everything inside of one big table. This really depends on the
browser on how it's going to be displayed, not PHP. You can try using
flush() to send the buffer to the browser, but it may or may not help. A
lot of browsers won't show the table until the </table> tag is reached.
Nothing you can do about that except for breaking up your tables...

---John W. Holmes...

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