You cannot get access to files on the client side with PHP, because there is no connection with the client. Have your client copy the file to a directory on the server, that is accessible for PHP and then read them from there. If you use unique names, e.g. workstation names, you should have no problems.


Jan Meiring wrote:
Hi everyone

This is what I want to do:

I have a file on each workstation that gets created each time the pc is
rebooted - the file save the pc configuration plus the current user logged
onto the machine, I want to read from that file variables so that I can save
it to my mySQL database and run queries on the data. - I have no problem
reading from a file if it is on the web server, but am experiencing problems
reading from the file on the remote client pc. - any suggestions?

This is what I can do:

Read from file on web server, set it to variables and write it to a mySQL

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