I hope, I understood you right: You want to delete a user completely from
your database?
If yes, you can just do it step by step (I hope the last step - putting all
the queries together works):

$uid = 1;

$qry = 'SELECT `Allocation_ID` FROM `WMS_Allocations` WHERE
$ent = mysql_fetch_array(mysql_query($qry));

$del_qry1 = 'DELETE FROM `WMS_Allocations` WHERE `User_ID`='.$uid;
$del_qry2 = 'DELETE FROM `WMS_Bookings` WHERE
$del_qry3 = 'DELETE FROM `WMS_User` WHERE `User_ID`='.$uid;

$del_qry = $del_qry1.";\n".$del_qry2.";\n".$del_qry3.";\n";


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