hi all,

cause a lot of people are asking for a thumbnail script:

some explenation:

this script makes 2 new pics of a uploaded pic, 1 thumbnail and 1 bigger
picture (but the bigger one will all be of the same size.. it's better....

you also see this: if ($site=="who-r-u"){

this is because the sript is used on 2 servers , you can also see it like

if ($site=="who-r-u"){  > you have to use this part if you have GD 1
compiled with pph
}else{ > this if you have gd2 compiled on your pc  so pic the right one and
trow away the rest!!!  but with gd2 the pics will be a lot better.

on http://www.nederlandmobiel.nl you can see how it is used!!

please don't mail me all back what the functions are doing, but go to
www.php.net and look them up

hope it helps you


function image_create($image, $url, $name){

    $inputImg = ImageCreateFromJPEG($image);

    $srcX = imagesx($inputImg);
    $srcY = imagesy($inputImg);

    // image size thumbnail
    $dstY_1 = 45; // height (altijd hetzelfde)
    $maxX_1 = 60; // widthe (als plaatje is kleiner dan centreren)

    // image size big foto
    $dstY_2 = 210; // hoogte (altijd hetzelfde)
    $maxX_2 = 280; // breedte (als plaatje is kleiner dan centreren)

    $ratio_1 = ($srcY / $dstY_1);
    $dstX_1  = ($srcX / $ratio_1);

    $ratio_2 = ($srcY / $dstY_2);
    $dstX_2  = ($srcX / $ratio_2);

    if ($site=="who-r-u"){
      $outputImg_1 = ImageCreate($maxX_1, $dstY_1);
      $outputImg_2 = ImageCreate($maxX_2, $dstY_2);
      $outputImg_1 = imagecreatetruecolor($maxX_1, $dstY_1);
      $outputImg_2 = imagecreatetruecolor($maxX_2, $dstY_2); 
    imagefill($outputImg_1, 0, 0, ImageColorAllocate($outputImg_1, 255, 255,
    imagefill($outputImg_2, 0, 0, ImageColorAllocate($outputImg_2, 255, 255,
    if ($site=="who-r-u"){
      ImageCopyResized($outputImg_1, $inputImg,(($maxX_1 - $dstX_1) /
2),0,0,0,$dstX_1, $dstY_1, $srcX, $srcY);
      ImageCopyResized($outputImg_2, $inputImg,(($maxX_2 - $dstX_2) /
2),0,0,0,$dstX_2, $dstY_2, $srcX, $srcY);
      imagecopyresampled($outputImg_1, $inputImg,(($maxX_1 - $dstX_1) /
2),0,0,0,$dstX_1, $dstY_1, $srcX, $srcY);
      imagecopyresampled($outputImg_2, $inputImg,(($maxX_2 - $dstX_2) /
2),0,0,0,$dstX_2, $dstY_2, $srcX, $srcY);

    imagejpeg($outputImg_1, $url."thumbnails/$name");
    imagejpeg($outputImg_2, $url."$name");

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