I am trying to connect to a sybase server (12.5) using PEAR DB object.

 When connecting to the database from Linux, everything goes as expected.
However, when running on HPUX (Apache 1.3.27/PHP 4.3.1 DSO), I get the
following error:

  $this->$db = @DB::connect("sybase://$DB_USR:[EMAIL PROTECTED]/");
                if(DB::iserror($this->$db)) {
                        die('Error connecting to databse:

 ====== Prin out ===============
object(db_error)(7) { ["error_message_prefix"]=>  string(0) "" ["mode"]=> 
int(1) ["level"]=>  int(1024) ["code"]=>  int(-24) ["message"]=>  string(24)
"DB Error: connect failed" ["userinfo"]=>  string(31)
"sybase://arc:[EMAIL PROTECTED]/" ["callback"]=>  NULL } Error connecting to
databse: DB Error: connect failed


  The interfaces file that I am using is EXACTLY the same as the one on the
linux machine and it on the sybases standart place on HP.

  I could not find anything on apache/php/sybase logs.


 Thanks in advance..

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