I'm experienced with SQL, but new to MySql and PHP, which I'm using
together to create a dynamic web site.  Right now, I'm having minor
difficulties with date formatting.  It seems that when I retrieve a date
from MySQL into PHP, it shows up as a string instead of a date data
type, with format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.  Is there any way that I can get
it returned as a PHP date instead?  Also, exactly what is it that
controls the output format of the date as a string?  Is PHP somehow
requesting that MySql return the date as a string, or is it getting a
date from MySql and then converting it to a string on the PHP side?

What's the best way of controlling date format?  Obviously, I could use
string operators to extract the year, month, and day and do whatever I
want to with them, but that's sensitive to how PHP and/or MySql are
configured, I assume; it would be better for me to request the date in a
specific form (ideally one taken from operating system preferences).

Bruce Feist

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