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On 01 Apr,2003 at 10:04 Mustafa Ocak wrote:

You can store the value in a session variable

if (isset($_HTTP_SESSION_VARS['your_variable_name'])) {


Rather than using isset() you may need to use session_is_registered(). This is specifically for checking the existence of a session variable. I would do something like


// need this on all pages where you want to work with // the session var

// Check for the existence of the session var and create
// it if it doesn't exist
if (!session_is_registered("ses_username")) {

// Are we getting a form var thru ?  if so pop it into the session var
if (isset($frm_username)) {
        $ses_username = $frm_username;

// then in your scripts you can do


As long as you have session_start() at the beginning of each script, $ses_username is now available across scripts.


$value=$_HTTP_SESSION_VARS['your_variable_name']; //get the value
$_HTTP_SESSION_VARS['your_variable_name']=new value;


Hope that helps.

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