Hi Leif

On 01 Apr,2003 at  3:07 Leif K-Brooks wrote:

> Please, please, PLEASE don't give advice!  If you don't know the answer, 
> DON'T COMMENT!  The method you posted is for register_gkobals on, which 
> it won'tr always (and shouldn't be)!

No need to be rude ... its very easy to adjust this code so that it doesn't need 
register_globals.  The logic of the code is the point.  I simply offered an 
alternative way of handling session vars that I feel is cleaner and clearer.

Please don't go off the deep end with replies.  There's no need.  If you felt that you 
should point out the register_globals issue, then a simple 'Don't forget 
register_globals needs to be turned on here and it probably isn't' would suffice.

While I am not a php guru (as you seem to be) I have been working with it for a long 
time commercially and do have some experience, so I am occasionally able to offer 
pointers on people's questions and offer such advice freely, in the hope that it will 

Lets all be adults, shall we ?  You don't get any points for flaming.  We're here to 
learn not fight.

> Ronan Chilvers wrote:
> >Coments inline...
> >
> ><snip>
> >On 01 Apr,2003 at 10:04 Mustafa Ocak wrote:
> >
> >  
> >
> >>You can store the value in a session variable 
> >>

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