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This was sent privately to me, but I'm redirecting the response back to the list in 
case it helps anyone else.

> Feeling kinda stupid. hehe. sorry I didnt label the lines.

Probably no more stupid than I did when I realised I'd got the usort() call wrong...!
> You are sure going to laught now for my stupidity, but the aricles are
> listing the wrong way (I'm a bit embarrassed now) Look here:
> http://www.amotor.no/artikler.php
> The last article: formel 1 art 4   (2003 04/06)  is dated 
> forth of june,
> 2003 and the first atricle formel 1 art 1   (2003 28/05) is dated
> twenty-eight of May, 2003. The articles in the between the 
> first and last
> article are sorting from the oldest (the first) to the newest 
> (the last). I
> guess it's not a problem to get this flipped?

No, dead simple -- simply put a - sign in the comparison function:

   function obj_date_compare($a, $b) {
      return -strcmp($a->publisertLang, $b->publisertLang);

> Sorry, for my bad English. I'm from Norway :(

Your English is fine -- if you hadn't mentioned it, I probably wouldn't have guessed 
that you're not a native speaker!



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