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> Sent: 05 June 2003 21:21
> Thanks! But I got a problem with the code:
> The PHP file as it is with the code pasted into it will i'll 
> past at the end
> of this post. The problem is I get the error:
> Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in
> /home/amotor/www/list_ingresser_artikler.php on line 43
> If I put a // in front of line 32 the script feeds correct, 
> but not sorted.

It would help if you labelled lines 32 and 43, so we don't have to count all up and 
down your posted script to work out which they are.

However, having done the necessary counting, this is your problem line:

> $ingresser = usort($ingresser, 'obj_date_compare');

... in which case, apologies, my bad, because usort does an in-place sort and has no 
return value, so you just want:

   usort($ingresser, 'obj_date_compare');



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