Uh, why not just do this:

<input type='hidden' name='lastid' value='1930'>

Then on the next page, you can get the id.  Or geez, it's gonna be there
anyway -- after you do the insert/update of your vote, just pass that ID to
the function that displays the page.

function display($x) {
    if (!empty($x['vote'])) {
        db_query("insert into vote (pid,vote) values 
    $r = db_query("select * from pictures order by rand() limit 1");
    $row = mysql_fetch_array($r); // sure, do error checking if you want
    echo "<img src='".$row['imgurl']."'>";

assuming beginpage is responsible for displaying the last image you voted


On Wed, 28 May 2003, Matthew Horn wrote:

> I am toying with the idea of implementing functionality similar to the hotornot.com 
> site -- for a different purpose, mind you, but the same kind of user experience. 
> Here's what it does:
> 1. A picture is served up.
> 2. User clicks on a radio button scale from 1 to 10 to "rate" the picture.
> 3. The page refreshes. The rating is re-computed with the user's rating for the 
> original picture. The original picture becomes that "last rated" pic, and a new one 
> is served up.
> 4. The user can cycle through as many pictures this way as they want.
> I have MySQL and PHP to work with.
> What I am trying to do is figure out the best approach to implementing it. 
> Specifically, when the user clicks on the radio button, that triggers the form 
> submit via JavaScript. The form submit updates the database with the rating and then 
> fetches the next row.
> The problem that occurred to me as I was putting together a prototype is:
> I don't want the user to get the entire result set of all the images in the database 
> at once. I really want them to get just the two images (the one they just rated and 
> the one they are about to rate). Is there a way to "remember" the last row they 
> selected and then use that number to fetch the next one on the subsequent request? I 
> can keep recycling hidden form fields with a number, which should work ok, but the 
> problems come up when they reach the last row.
> Anyway, just looking to see if you folks have some ideas. I would prefer to roll my 
> own rather than use one of the available "hotornot-style" PHP scripts to do this.
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> Matthew J. Horn
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