On Sun, 2003-06-01 at 23:20, Ian Fingold wrote:
> Sorry I don't think I explained very well... heres my situation...
> I have a mysql database set up... I have a user table with 2
> fields..."team_name" and "fant_week".
> What I want to do is, depending on who is logged in, I want my link to
> change the value of 'team' to the logged in members team name, like wise for
> the week.
> For example..
> if "gorno" is logged in and his team is called "fun team" the link will
> reflect his team and look like this...
> fant_stnd3.php?week=1&team=fun team
> or if say... "billbo" is logged in and his team is called "silly team" the
> link will look like this
> fant_stnd3.php?week=1&team=silly team
> but again, my problem is that it's cutting off the team value when there is
> a space in the string..

 Ok.. I can't say anything, unless i know where and how it is being cut
off.. From that scenario you said.. You should probably query the week
name and team name from the database and then redirect the browser to
the location.. 
so something like..
  $query= "select weekname, teamname from tablename where
username=".($username)." limit 1";
  header( "Location:

Of course, you will need to replace servername, tablename and column
names with appropriate values..
I hope this helps..



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