To answer your question, you should urlencode() the team name. However, I would store the user in a cookie or session, and fetch the team name on each page load. Otherwise, they can easily change which team they're using.

Ian Fingold wrote:

Sorry I don't think I explained very well... heres my situation...

I have a mysql database set up... I have a user table with 2
fields..."team_name" and "fant_week".

What I want to do is, depending on who is logged in, I want my link to
change the value of 'team' to the logged in members team name, like wise for
the week.

For example..
if "gorno" is logged in and his team is called "fun team" the link will
reflect his team and look like this...
fant_stnd3.php?week=1&team=fun team

or if say... "billbo" is logged in and his team is called "silly team" the
link will look like this
fant_stnd3.php?week=1&team=silly team

but again, my problem is that it's cutting off the team value when there is
a space in the string..

"G|rhan Vzen" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message

On Sun, 2003-06-01 at 22:26, Ian Fingold wrote:

I'm trying to build a query string for one of my links.. for example...

I need to be able to grab the values of 'week' and 'team' from an array,


can do that no problem, but when the code runs it cuts off the value if
there is a space in the string. so instead of putting "fun team" in the
query string it cuts it off and just puts.. "fun "

So my question, is there a function or any way to prevent this from


  Hi Ian,
I have no idea what you are trying to do.. Well if you are getting
those values from a URL, $week and $team variables in your php script
should have the values in them.. In later versions of PHP, they will be
_POST['week'] and _POST['team'] or _GET['week'] or _GET['team']
depending on which method is used.. You don't need to parse the URL and
run them through an array.. :)

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