Will there ever be 5 specials categories?  6?

I like enums for strings, but for more complex sites I go with a separate
table for even 4 categories.  I don't actually know what happens if you
change "lunch" to "pre-dinner" on the enum column -- does everything remain
as enum selection #1 and change to "pre-dinner" or do things get messed up?

If you already have a categories table, just add one more column --
"specials" which is a tinyint default 0 -- those 4 categories are set to
non-zero (or 1 (that's one)).  This needs no more tables, no specialized
enums, and you are reusing an existing table structure.  I like that
better.  But either way works.

ALSO NOTE!  If you use enums for numbers, such as '0', '1', they are
treated as strings.  I don't believe you can make an enum treat a number as
a numeric.

 ALTER TABLE `reviewdates` ADD `asdf` ENUM( 0, 1 ) NOT NULL
 You have an error in your SQL syntax near '0,1) NOT NULL' at line 1


On Tue, 3 Jun 2003, Becoming Digital wrote:

> This is for another menu project that I'm working on.  The restaurant has a
> large list of daily specials, all of which fit into one of four categories
> (lunch, dinner, pizza, dessert).  Because the data will never mix (no need for
> joins or unions), I wanted to keep the specials categories separate from the
> regular menu item categories.  Because there are only four specials categories
> and they are static, I thought ENUM would work best.  Your opinions?
> Edward Dudlik
> Becoming Digital
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