Ok I'm trying to write this function to up date some fields in my database
so i'm grabbing some info from a query and throwing it into an array (with

one of the values i'm puting into that array is the table id. I'm then
comparing the table id with the value of $i in my loop. Now my problem is
when I loop through and the table id is not equal to $i I need to add 1 to
$i but I need to move the array pointer back one.

In the code below I used prev() but i'm getting warnings about the "Passed
variable is not an array".

I'm thinking that prev() must not view an array fetch from a database the
same or something. But what else can I use besides prev() to rewind the
pointer by 1?



include "function.php";

//query roster database and put results into an array.
$num1 = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM roster");
$num2 = mysql_fetch_array($num1);
//set i to zero
$i = 0;

//start loop to determine if $i matches the current roster id
do {
  $i = $i + 1;
  if ($num2["ros_id"] == $i) {
    //if a match is found, query the fan_roster database where the play_id =
    //and put the results into a array
    $upd = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM fan_roster WHERE play_id='$i'");
    $updr = mysql_fetch_array($upd);
    //loop through the passing field and add them up
    do {
        $passing = $passing + $updr["pass_yrd1"];
    } while($updr = mysql_fetch_array($upd));

    //Print feedback
    echo "Player:$i total Passing: $passing $updr[play_id]<br>";

    //update the roster table with the total $passing where ros_id=$i
    $upd1 = mysql_query("UPDATE roster SET pass_yrd='$passing' WHERE
    //reset passing for next loop
    $passing = 0;
  } else {
    //if there isn't a match, add 1 to $i
    $i = $i + 1;

    //print feedback
    echo "$i no player<br>";

    //put the array pointer back one for next loop
    $num2 = prev($num2["ros_id"];
} while($num2 = mysql_fetch_array($num1));

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