I'm working on a ipaddres/subnet programm

now i have a talbe with a lot of information about ip-addresses

i'm having this query:

SELECT s_id, subnet_name,subnetaddr,subnetmask,dnsdomain, location, contact,
ccn FROM subnets

the subnetaddr field looks like this :  and is ofcourse a
varchar field

BUT before displaying it on the screen i have to sort it by subnetaddr and
then show it

but i have to sort it as integer, so i use the php-function ip2long();

so you get a decimal...

so what i have to do:

do the query> make a decimal field of the 'subnetaddr' put it in an array,
sort it and display it

BUT how can i put ALL of the fields in the query in an array, sort it, and
then display it?

please help me, I can't work it out :(

thanks, Mark

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