On 06/10/2003 01:10 PM, Becoming Digital wrote:
I need an authentication class for an upcoming project so I took a trip over to
the Repository.  Unfortunately, the ratings system appears to be down (or no one
uses it) and it's a bit difficult to determine which of the 40 offerings is
"best."  Rather than play the trial and error game, I'm soliciting your opinions
in the hope that I might save some time for myself and for others who face this
decision in the future.

If it's not too much to ask, please include subjective information about why you
like the class, it's pros and cons, and if there's anything you would change.  I
plan on publishing a list of those that are recommended and it is my belief that
this information would make the list more useful.  Thanks a lot for your time,
and if you're on the US East Coast, enjoy the nice weather.  We deserve our two
days a month!

There are a few solutions for you to try here:



Manuel Lemos

Free ready to use OOP components written in PHP

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