Thanks to everyone who's tried to help me with this.  I think I'm on the right
track now.

Edward Dudlik
Becoming Digital

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On 06/11/2003 12:33 AM, Becoming Digital wrote:
>>What you may want to do is to go in the pages of each of the classes
>>that from the descriptions seem to do what you want. Then you can check
>>which are the most popular checking their downloads ranking in their pages.
> That's not a bad idea.  I was, admittedly, hoping to avoid that, but it was
> out of laziness.
> I'm trying to develop a model of what makes a "good" user authentication
> Obviously, the foundation of any good system is successfully identifying
> but what differentiates one system from another?  I think I'm on my own here,
> but the quest must go on! ;)

I have not tried the packages to give an opinion, but this package seems
to do what you want and is the top downloaded of those in the same category:

Class: phpSecurityAdmin


Manuel Lemos

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