Benefit for helping:
Better your PHP/MySQL
Know what color/java/phone/game/handheld/mp3/radio/bluetooth to buy 
(yes Nokia-Ngage does all this)
Link on front page of your choice
MySQL people aren't necessarily PHP programmers.
The site is in PHP so I picked here. If this project is not welcome here pls tell me 
where to post since it is php/mysql and in php and I apologize now to hope stop the 
abuse :)
If you see the site you know it has sorry db design.
My friend suggested this:
use three tables. At first glance, it
may seem more complicated, but will make your work much easier in the
long run.

ID (integer, automatically assigned)
Name (String, unique)

ID (integer, automatically assigned)
Name (String, unique)
Type (if necessary. There are several ways of doing this)

Name (integer, joined to the ID of HandHeldNames)
Field (integer, joined to the ID of Fields table)
Value (String. There are several ways of doing this, actually)

For instance, what you currently have on the site
would have the following values

ID  | Name
1   | Motorola T720
2   | Nokia
3   | Emerson

ID | Name
1  | Screen Width
2  | Screen Height
3  | Pixelsx
4  | Pixelsy
5  | Java Support
6  | Color
7  | Bandwidth
8  | image

Name | Field | Value
1    |   1   |   1
1    |   2   |   2
1    |   3   |   320
1    |   4   |   200
1    |   5   |   yes (or 1 or however you want to represent booleans)
1    |   6   |   yes
1    |   7   |   19
1    |   8   |   (the image file name, for instance)

I like this very much.
It relates to the posts about generated select boxes.
It would be real easy to add info to it and it is a fun newbie project for me to learn 
php/mysql as I can barely connect and make queries. thx. please lets be happy friends.

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