I have a linux webserver that I have that has php
webpages I have created and mysql databases.  I would
like to do some work on them while being offline at
times.  I have the following programs which enable me
to do this:

- DzSoft PHP Editor (windows version)
- mysql (windows version)
- php-4.3.2-Win32 (windows version)

With the DzSoft PHP Editor it has an in-built php
viewer to view pages/scripts which I have got reading
to and from my mysql.  But I guess it can't handle
cookies so means I can't run my pages offline like I
want to to make sure they work.  I run cookies to
login to my site/database and they work fine online
but offline it wont work simply because the php viewer
does not handle cookies just views pages as is.

So I need a program that I can view my php pages like
I would if being on a webserver but while being
offline.  I have all the pages, database on my PC 
now.  I have everything working just can't view my php
work as I need to.  

So I need a program that will view my php pages and
handle cookies etc as it would if being online.  Is
there a program I can use for this?

I know I could download Apache WebServer but I don't
need it to be online at all, only offline viewing.  So
I thought there mught be another program I could use
for this.  If so, please let me know.  If Apache is
the only option I guess I'll have to use that.

Thankyou for your suggestions / help in advance.

Kind Regards,

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