You'll want a webserver running and PHP configured for that server. You can
easily use IIS or Apache for this purpose. Which one you want to use is
something that many people will argue over, but the simple fact is that
you're doing some offline development and you should use what's easiest for

Once you get your webserver up and running and PHP configured, just create a
site that points to your document root and then open a browser to
http://localhost/ - assuming everything's configured properly and you've
moved over all the data that you need, you'll then have a viable offline
staging server to developed on.

I have an XP box with PHP, mySQL and IIS and I've not run into any problems
at all. When I've completed my changes I just FTP everything to my live site
with no hassles.


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I have a linux webserver that I have that has php
webpages I have created and mysql databases.  I would
like to do some work on them while being offline at
times.  I have the following programs which enable me
to do this:

- DzSoft PHP Editor (windows version)
- mysql (windows version)
- php-4.3.2-Win32 (windows version)

With the DzSoft PHP Editor it has an in-built php
viewer to view pages/scripts which I have got reading
to and from my mysql.  But I guess it can't handle
cookies so means I can't run my pages offline like I
want to to make sure they work.  I run cookies to
login to my site/database and they work fine online
but offline it wont work simply because the php viewer
does not handle cookies just views pages as is.

So I need a program that I can view my php pages like
I would if being on a webserver but while being
offline.  I have all the pages, database on my PC
now.  I have everything working just can't view my php
work as I need to.

So I need a program that will view my php pages and
handle cookies etc as it would if being online.  Is
there a program I can use for this?

I know I could download Apache WebServer but I don't
need it to be online at all, only offline viewing.  So
I thought there mught be another program I could use
for this.  If so, please let me know.  If Apache is
the only option I guess I'll have to use that.

Thankyou for your suggestions / help in advance.

Kind Regards,
Jerry - Yahoo! Mobile
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