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I have a databae built, at the moment it has two tables.

The first table has 2 fields, an ID and description.  This is for a listing
of all the different samples that we have at the company.

When the user clicks on the description they want, it will open another page
that will show all the items that fit that description.

So in this case the first page shows:  Brochures, business cards, tickets,

They then click on tickets I want it to show all the tickets that we have
done and then I will have a link from there they can click on and show all
the jobs in there.  but to even make it more complicated I only want it to
show the first job for that client based on the job number. (eg. Tickets
each client will have a back, front and inside to show) so when they click
on tickets they will see the teams we have done, and then from there they
can select a team. And then it will open all the examples they want in
there, and then if they click on the thumb it would go to a page I have set
up with the image at a large size.


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