> the first list that is displayed has an ID for each product.  But when I
> click on it, it goes to the next page but does not display the rest of the
> products that are listed in the second table.
> $query = "SELECT  * FROM product_list  WHERE productid = id";
> Id being the description ID that came off the first page.

Well, 'id' should at least be a variable, right? I assume your links look
something like this:


where X is the 'id' number you want to pass to the above select statement.
If so, then you'd use:

$query = "SELECT * FROM product_list WHERE productid = {$_GET['id']}";
$query = "SELECT * FROM product_list WHERE productid = " . $_GET['id'];

where $_GET['id'] is a variable containing the value passed in the URL. Make
sure you properly validate $_GET['id'] to make sure it's a valid ID (or at
least an integer) before you stick it in your SQL statement, also.

$id = (int)$_GET['id'];
$query = "SELECT * FROM product_list WHERE productid = $id";

---John Holmes...

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