Ildiko Nyari wrote:

I have installed the PHP, mySQL and Apache on WIN XP, but:

1. when I want to open in the explorer: http://localhost/test.php I always get a download window, and than my Dreamweaver MX opens, and so I can't see the test.php file I created in the explorer.

You don't have PHP/Apache installed correctly. Do normal HTML pages come upcorrectly?

2. When I created a php file in Dreamweaver MX, and I want to connect it to mySQL, I 
have problems with the connection. It doesn't connect, the error always something with 
The testing server specified for this site does not map to the 
http://localhost/_MMServerScript/MMHTTPDB.php Verify that the URL prefix maps to the 
root of the site.

No idea about that. Sounds DMX specific.

---John Holmes...

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