PHP is for sure not installed correctly.  I hand a similar problem when I
did the install for the first time.

It was a while ago....and I don't remember clearly but I seem to remember
that it had to do with mis-configuring apache for PHP.

Honestly the best solution for all the time it would take is to just
uninstall mySQL and PHP and go at it again following the directions closely.

If you're looking for a handholding process through the installs the book
"Foundation Dreamweaver MX" by Friends of Ed has a great opening on getting
set up with PHP and mySQL.

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Subject: [PHP-DB] connecting to mySQL - testing server specified does not
map to the http://localhost/_MMServerScript/MMHTTPDB.php

I have installed the PHP, mySQL and Apache on WIN XP, but:

1. when I want to open in the explorer: http://localhost/test.php  I always
get a download window, and than my Dreamweaver MX opens, and so I can't see
the test.php file I created in the explorer.

2. When I created a php file in Dreamweaver MX, and I want to connect it to
mySQL, I have problems with the connection. It doesn't connect, the error
always something with the:
The testing server specified for this site does not map to the
http://localhost/_MMServerScript/MMHTTPDB.php Verify that the URL prefix
maps to the root of the site.

What is wrong? What and how can I do?
I get crazy.

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