Hi all, wish u all a good weekend..
Guys I have a question as the following:

1- In my wwwroot I have two folders : folder1  and folder2 (actually I have
14 folders)
2- In the same two folders there are same PHP files do the same job, as db
jobs with different databases..
3- I log in the users by register a session, lab lab lab ... etc
4- the logging files in the two folders are different by registering a
different session value.
4- I want if any user jumped to the other directory and logged in with the
automatically, so he can't be logged in in both at same time.. and keep only
the new.. and ofcourse have to re logging if he jumped back to the first
 (the reason that every folder has different DB connection, and the
interface of the two section are identical.. so I need to split it .to avoid
any problems with many users ....)

5- what I m trying to do is , if there is a possibility to control the
header.. by if { /folder1 go } else { unregister session whatever}
if {/ folder2 .............. } else {.........} etc

6- IS IT A GOOD WAY TO DO IT , OR NOT? of cource I need a security in the
first place..

I HOPE I WAS CLEAR, and thanks for your patient again...   :))
(sorry because it might be shouldn't in db list)

""open source world, open mind for all""

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