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> On Tue, 1 Jul 2003, Nabil wrote:
>> You need to purchase commercial non-GPL MySQL licenses:
>>   a.. If you distribute MySQL Software with your non open source
>>   software, b.. If you want warranty from MySQL AB for the MySQL
>>   software, c.. If you want to support MySQL development.
>> So Why it is not supported with PHP5? and from where i can get the
>> lib?? 
> I guess we need a FAQ.  I am getting tired of answering this.
> The GPL is not compatible with Apache/BSD-style licenses.  If you link
> a GPL'ed library into a non-GPL'ed application and then redistribute
> it, or if you incorporate the code into something and redistribute it,
> like we do, then you must put that something under the GPL.  And we
> don't want to put PHP under the GPL because that would mean you
> couldn't link it into Apache (which sort of defeats the purpose for
> most people) unless of course we also got the Apache guys to switch to
> the GPL.  This is why some people call the GPL a viral license.

So, why then not using the GPL for PHP. Soo many people are releasing their 
software under the GPL.


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