G'day all

This is probably a really basic question but I'm asking advice because I'm a
real newbie and want to start off on the right foot.

I'm trying to build a PHP/MySQL workflow tracking system in which each
movement of an InDesign  file generates a text file which contains the
tracking data I want to move into the  (MySQL) db.  It will contain the
operators name, a timestamp and a status (incomplete, pending, complete etc)

Because I'm setting up the scripts to generate these tracking files, I'm
wondering the best format for them to make the PHP reading easy. I've read
about the fgets function but I'm not sure whether reading line by line is
better than making the file a list of items and then attempting to read the
whole thing into an array.  Is either one easier considering the eventual
placement into the db?

I have cobbled together a working script which reads data from text files
into a db but have only done it from files with a single word of data and
I'm just not sure the best way to format/handle/read multiple lines or

Cheers and thanks for any advice


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